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Christmas came early.... by Unknown117
Christmas came early....
I know its a bit early for a Christmas themed anime art, but I had the urge to make one protraying one of my OC characters, the nine tail wolf girl Alia, wearing a Ms Santa costume; and behind her are the awestruck saiyan boys with their guide - Erb, Lan, Ash, and Bulb.

CrimZon Universe Season 8

Magi Saga (Zagan arc)




This is just an outline for me to use on continuing my work in making new episodes while giving you - the readers - an insight on future episodes. If you do not want to learn about what happen next, then don't read it. If you do, then I hope you enjoy because it will take me a very long time to finish.


These episodes are subject to change if I so see fit, and if there are any corrections to add into the stories when I write them.


The contents in this season are from both the manga and anime.



Episode 115 – The Labyrinth of Magic

                Back on the world where the rest of Erb’s group reside in, Uther and Tifa undertook a task to enter one of the world’s many mysterious dungeons with Aladdin, Alibaba, Morgiana, and Hakuryuu in order to acquire a djinn known as Zagan to help cure their comrades back on the island, Sindria.

                After getting themselves dragged into Zagan’s dungeon, the dungeon adventurers encounter a large deformed teddy bear that attacked them, but Uther effortlessly beats it down. They soon made their way to a forest area with humans embedded on them where they encounter a light green and blue giant being who calls himself Zagan, holding a girl they’ve met back at the port hostage – her name was Tiara. Zagan told them that in order to rescue the girl, they have to reach the treasure room. Surprisingly, Uther stops Tifa from attempting to grab even if she used her full speed, since she would only fail and was told by Zagan that the girl would not be harmed.

                After getting passed the forest, the group then find themselves standing before a large bottomless room with numerous black cubes and rabbit-like magicians floating about till a strange tone made the magicians start attacking them; but in a flash, Uther fired his Heaven Shocker and wiped out the attackers. Watching the dungeon adventurer’s progress, Uther’s power shocked Zagan, but this only made the djinn more determined to stop them with little restraints.

                After clearing another section, and witnessing how powerful Uther was, Hakuryuu both admires and envies him to even ask the rest to not help him. Suddenly, the djinn split the group up in 3 teams of two; sending Morgiana and Hakuryuu to a corridor, as well as Aladdin and Alibaba to another, but not Uther and Tifa.


Episode 116 – The Black Magi

                Located in another corridor filled with large statues of knights, Hakuryuu and Morgiana tried to meet back up with the rest, but the stone knights then became active and attacked them. The same happened with Aladdin and Alibaba as well for the two saiyans.

    In the end however, everyone except the saiyans were able to regroup, though Hakuryuu underwent an episode, revealing his own shortcoming in a bizarre display of tears. After Alibaba gave Hakuryuu a pep talk, he quickly returns back to normal and together they moved on deeper into the dungeon, whereas Uther and Tifa continue to fend off against more stone knights.

                On the island of Sindria, Yamaraiha, Sinbad, Jafar and the cyborg saiyan Lan observes the groups progress a water projection with high hopes of their success, but were alarmed by Yamaraiha of someone breaking through her barrier. Outside, Ash and Trunks minded their own business till they saw a portion of the skies above the island melting away, and a young man with jet black hair, surrounded by black butterfly-like lights descending down to the palace plaza.

                Judar, the black magi of the kou empire, lands down in the palace plaza where several guards and Jafar. Jafar attacks him, but was injured in the confrontation, until Lan saves him from a devastating wind magic blast. Seeing the cyborg stop his spell, Judar fought him, where Lan gauged his powers to be on par with magic user of Nova, Yanai. Pushed back to the point of transforming, their duel was stopped by Sinbad, who inquires the black magi of his agenda. Judar only came to warn Sinbad of Al Thamen forces approaching their island and was tasked in destroying the island’s barrier. Nothing more.


Episode 117 – The power of a vessel

                In the dungeon, Alibaba’s group made their way to another room to meet Zagan again, but Aladdin soon identified Zagan as not Zagan at all. The imposter confirms his suspicion and states he was a dungeon creature created by the real Zagan, leaving to Alibaba to cut him in half, but only more spourt out of the ground.

                In seconds they were being overwhelmed by an almost limitless spawn of fake Zagan’s, and soon find themselves falling down a pit where its real body laid. Luckily, Morigana activated her household vessel in the form of wrist chains and is now embowed by Alibaba’s flame djinn, Amon. After rescuing them by bringing them out of the pit, Morgiana went back in, and was able to defeat the fake Zagan but at the overusing his own energy. And to worsen her dilemma, the fake Zagan was still alive – barely – and was about to eat her, until Uther smashed down on top of it, and cut it into pieces with his scythe, releasing the hostage girl Tiara as well and finishing it off for good. Tifa snatched the two girls and with Uther they fly back up to Alibaba and the others. Finally together, Uther couldn’t help but quickly look around after briefly detecting three energy signatures unknown to him until they disappeared.

                They moved on to arrive to the last section of the dungeon where they find themselves in a large plaza surrounded by rows of ascending buildings. Out of the blue, they were attacked by a rock dragon and found the three individuals whom Uther sensed before to be an armored knight, a young girl wielding a staff, and another man wrapped in black and white robes, wearing a turban, and carrying a scythe – they claim themselves to be Al-Thamen.

                On Sindria, Judar bids his farewell to Sinbad and the others, leaving Sinbad to gather his forces to ready themselves for war and request of Lan and the other’s to assist them despite their current condition – like Sinbad and Alibaba, the saiyans are affected by the strange black markings, hence their powers are being somewhat suppressed.


Episode 118 – Al thamen

                Standing on top of a rock dragon, the three Al thamen members were the light green hair girl Dunya, the knight Issac, and the robed man Ithnan, their leader. Alibaba asked Hakuryuu to take Morgiana and Tiara to the treasure room, while he, Aladdin, Uther, and Tifa fend off Al Thamen. Before they commence their battle, the girl Dunya revealed her heritage to be that of a royal family member who were killed and overthrown from their own country and asked Alibaba about what compels him to fight after losing his country Balbad - she never earns an answer from him. But in a fit to end this battle quickly, Uther intervened and fired his own Dragon Fist at the enemy trio.

    Although, in a flash, Ithnan blocks his technique with a barrier called Borg and Dunya hurdled the saiyan away from the rest by using the stone dragon. Uther cut up the dragon and went head to head with Ithnan. With their fight starting, Dunya and Issac went head on against the rest. Dunya stabs herself through the abdomen to allow herself to be absorbed by her dark metal vessal to become a black djinn. Aladdin contends with her, alongside Tifa, while Alibaba went against the knight Issac.

    At first, Aladdin and the others were being pushed back by from the large gap in skill, all except Uther, but after realizing the difference, they overcame it and reversed the tables to their favor. Tifa even went super saiyan to completely overpower the black djinn in several seconds after performing various aerial attacks thanks to her ability to fly. Alibaba soon finished off Issac after compressing his weapon’s power to accommodate his fighting style, cutting him limb from limb.

    Uther in his base, and Ithnan were almost evenly matched – Uther beats him in both speed and power but Ithnan’s borg proved to be difficult to handle. It was until Ithnan showered with black rukh – energy – and to the man’s surprise, the black rukhs are affecting him greatly. He took the chance to be with the black djinn side in order to reveal its true power, which was Dunya back as a human but wearing black armor called full body djinn equip. In that form, she proved to give even a Super Saiyan and a Magi some trouble and Issac was able to recover despite getting his limbs cut off by Alibaba and moved tremendously faster after Dunya magnetized his boots. But before Issac almost killed Ailbaba, Hakuryuu came to the scene, and went to Alibaba’s side. But things went for the worst when Uther burst back in the scene, roaring, as he transforms to a super saiyan 2.


Episode 119 - Ascension

    After being blasted by Ithnan’s black rukh, the dark dragon powers residing inside him was struggling to get out, forcing the saiyan to ascend. Watching him struggle, Tifa was reminded by how Erb used to fight himself when he was about to turn into a fiend, leading her to run to Uther’s side. Ithnan stands on the sidelines, observing Uther’s outburst in awe. To his shock, he never expected the young man to produce a tremendous amount of power and be able to make earthquakes. He also noticed his powers did not derive from rukh but rather in some other form.

    Uther, with little control over his power, urged Tifa to not get close to him before he was swallowed by a black outburst. Tifa didn’t heed his warning and went charging towards him. Issac pursued her, but Alibaba and Hakuryuu stopped them.

    Reaching the rampaging saiyan, Tifa was pushed back by his will power alone despite as a super saiyan herself. Still she pressed forward up to when she was only a few meters away. But one last shockwave hurdle her back. Lying on the floor as though she was defeated, she was soon reminded of a conversation she had with Lan back on their home planet Gaia, where he remarked that she should have more confidence in herself from that fact that if she could transform into an ascended saiyan like him, then she would certainly be the stronger one. So in one final attempt, she got back up and resumed her march while outputting an even larger amount of her ki than ever before. Eventually, when another shockwave came at her, she held it back and during the struggle she inevitably ascends to the second level and reached Uther to throw an uppercut to his abdomen which allowed her to insert her aura into his body, hence she succeesd in suppressing his dark powers at the cost of almost dying of exhaustion.

    Elsewhere, Dunya prepares her extreme magic, and Hakuryuu lost his left arm after Issac cut if off. The black metal user finished her spell and laid waste to Alibaba and his friends with a hail storm of blades, but all of them were destroyed by Uther’s heaven shocker with Tifa in his arms.


Episode 120 – Demise

    On the shores of Sindria, the eight generals and the saiyans begin their battle against Al Thamen’s forces. As the enemy troops approach them from the sky, Lan, Ash, and Trunks blasted them away with ease. Three of the eight generals, Yamaraiha, Masrur, and Sharrkan were faced with three other dark metal vessel users like Dunya – they were Apollonius, Byoln and Zurmudd.

    After Dunya’s extreme magic was destroyed by Uther, she reverted back to her normal self, with hardly any power – Magoi – left. Issac was also running low to the point of crumbling away into sand. It was revealed he was but a sand doll made by Dunya’s black metal djinn who resembled her past knight. Feeling pity over the weaken girl, Alibaba’s rage towards them for harming his friends was quailed thanks to Aladdin and lost interest in the thought of vengeance. However as soon as the girl’s role was finished, Ithnan stabs her with his scythe and caused the curse placed on Alibaba by Ithnan to cover almost his entire body. Alibaba was about to kill Ithnan in response, but Uther did it instead, cutting the robe covered man in half from the waist down. But it was all part of the plan for the man, since he really wanted to take over the saiyan’s body for his power alone, and succeeded.

    Alibaba and the rest watch Uther be covered in black rukh and emerge wearing a full body djinn equip. At first Ithnan was overjoyed by the abundance of power he was having, but was not in control; Uther had complete control and is no longer effected by the black rukh – he already adapted to it. In a defiant blaze, he expelled Ithnan out of his body by transforming to an ascended saiyan and with him out Uther eradicated the man using his heaven shocker.


Episode 121 – Solomon’s Wisdom

    On the battle front, each of the three general fighting the black metal users were being pushed back and sustaining injuries. Although, sensing them to be in trouble, the three saiyans, Lan, Ash and Trunks came to their aid – Lan went to Yamaraiha, Trunks went to Sharrkan, and Ash assisted Masrur. But it turned out their help was not required after the general’s activated their household weapons; Yamaraiha defeats Appollonius, Sharrkan cut down Byoln and his army of clones, and Masrur impales Zurmudd with just his hands. There the saiyans learn of how powerful the people of the rukh were and understood how Sinbad was able to go toe to toe with a fiend Uther before. But as they battle, a black entity was crawling over the island barrier with the intent of devouring the entire island, till the kou princess Kougyoku destroyed it all with her full body djinn equip’s extreme magic.

                In the dungeon still, Uther was weakened after his confrontation with Ithnan, and everyone was about to head to the treasure room until Ithnan reformed himself back and entered the unsuspecting Alibaba to control him instead. He succeeds and full body equipped the young boy like how he did with Uther and has complete control. Aladdin attempts to use a technique he calls Solomon’s wisdom to enter Alibaba’s mind but a head ornament on his friend prevents him. But with Uther’s help, and Hakuryuu summoning Zagan forth to replace his lost arm, the three of them worked together to break the head ornament. Aladdin soon used Solomon’s wisdom again, but this time Uther went with him in hopes of helping Alibaba overcome the darkness in his heart.

                Inside his mind, the two boys finds themselves in a damp sea of trees, where they spot Alibaba surrounded by the skeleton of a snake. There Aladdin reflects the adventures they went through and that Alibaba was so courageous that everyone he and Aladdin met were inspired by him. Uther took his words to heart after understanding how Erb’s friends became so protective over him from just relating him to Alibaba. Realizing Aladdin was right, Alibaba overcame his despair and the damp forest they were in disappears to a clear ocean floor. Afterward they can spot where the true darkness lies and venture forth for a final clash.


Episode 122 – Alma Torran

    Out on the coast of Sindria at night, after Al thamen’s forces were defeated, the real Ithnan emerged from the ocean and was making his escape till Sinbad emerged out of a portal and confronts him in his full body djinn equip, Focalor. Believing the curse he put on Sinbad to still be in effect, Ithnan showered him with more black rukh, but discovered the king of the seven’s sea to have already fallen to depravity – a half fallen too be precise – and was killed with one strike.

                Running through the darkness, Uther, Alibaba and Aladdin soon find themselves in a desolate city which was the image Ithnan projected, and found him sitting in a dark corner. Since his real body was destroyed by Sinbad, the Ithnan they see was only just the curse left behind. The man asks Alibaba to kill him once more, but Aladdin asked why his group’s goal was. Ithnan explains they are all trapped by destiny and Al Thamen’s wanted to destroy destiny to truly be free. He then showed them another projected image of another world called Alma Torran, further explaining a small portion of what caused them to become Al Thamen. Then forth, he proceeds to attack Alibaba in order to force him to kill him, but Alibaba instead disarms him and Aladdin finally released Ithnan from his sorrow, where he found peace at last.

                In the real world, Morgiana arrived by Hakuryuu’s side and watched golden rukhs flow out from Aladdin where Issac’s soul was formed from by the injured but thankful Dunya to say his farewell to her. Completing the dungeon, and rescuing the people trapped by the fake zagan, the group rest easy with the treasure they acquired from the treasure room and travel back to the real world by a large magic circle.

                Eventually, the group arrived outside of where Zagan’s dungeon at night time, used to reside and Uther located Lan, Ash and Trunks, with the curse they were placed on now gone after Ithnan’s demise, approaching them from the air. But upon their arrival, Aladdin’s eyes are stuck on Tifa’s butt couldn’t help but point out she had a monkey tail, leaving Lan, Trunks, and Ash to watch with blank faces till they hollered out in fright.


Episode 123 – A new Agenda

    A day after everyone from Zagan’s dungeon returned back to Sindria, the entire island celebrated both their return and the victory they achieved in defeating Al thamen’s forces. At night, everyone, including Aladdin’s friends and the saiyans, watched a reenactment of their adventure through Zagan’s in a comedic fashion, though somewhat accurate manner. But nearing the end of the festivities, Uther gathered the rest of the saiyans in private to tell them that his wristgate was working again and their time on this world was coming to an end soon. The reason for why it worked now was unknown to them, but at the same time, Uther mentioned that they could all sense energy now – the reason for that could be the same. It was that moment that Lan asked Uther regarding the possibility of their encounter with Erb and the rest; if he was still going to fight him the next time they meet. He answered that he would, but after learning much about Erb from the others, he will consider not killing him when the time comes. It was then Lan asked Tifa regarding her tail, and she told him she would keep it for now and take extra care if there ever was a full moon – if she did however become a giant monkey again, they have her permission to cut her tail off once more.

    After the saiyans learned of their own departure to be at noon tomorrow, by the next morning Lan told Sinbad and the rest about their leave. He already predicted they would leave soon and so he prepared a farewell gift as a sign of friendship and for their help. Lan, Trunks, and Ash graciously accepted, though Uther stayed silent. But they all soon gawked after Tifa entered the scene with her hair now reaching up to her shoulders. She insisted that Sharrkan cut her hair after trying to grope her as a drunk last night, and he did. Amongst Sinbad’s parting gifts were food, supplies, and some treasure but he gave Tifa a gift which was a decorative black and white cloth meant to wrap around her waist so she could hide her tail from view. Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morigana soon arrived to also say their farewells, and Aladdin left them on a note that their bound to reunite with the rest of their friends soon, allowing the saiyans to leave their world with high hopes.



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Hello to anyone who's reading this; I guess all I can tell you about myself in this bio is that I am just a simple artist and writer who wants to put out his dream on the form of paper - or text - so if you're interested in my work, then just browse through my gallery and/or read my stories. Here are links to the first episodes of my two fanfiction stories, and my non-fanfic version if you're interested:


CrimZon Universe:…


Also, I do kiriban's for every +1000 views, or +10 watchers, and when I do get either of those I will open up 5 requests slots. So if you're interested, then pay a visit to my profile page - of course your already in it seeing as how you're reading this - or watch me.
After taking a careful read of the episodes I wrote in my first series, CrimZon, I've decided to review them all and re-post them up
here and on fanfiction in the form of 7 episodes total - from 0 to 6 - but they are all originally the first 4 I wrote.

I will get back to drawing the rest of my requests soon. I am sorry it's taking so long for me to finish them.


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Truth be told, I only made this account so that I could favorite some of the artwork put up on this website, but since last year or so I'm now making my own works and selling them through commissions so that I may one day buy a membership.

Sadly I've become one of those starving artists who hardly have any commissions coming their way and if I ever plan on buying a membership then I need points - I'm not about to spend actual money on something I've never tested first to see if its worth it.

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