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CrimZon - Cover by Unknown117
CrimZon - Cover
The cover art of my first series, CrimZon, portraying Aurora in her battle dress, Erb in his school uniform, and a blurred view of the orbital elevator valor in the background. 

Here's a link to the first chapter of my fanfic so I hope you enjoy it! CrimZon - Episode 0

CrimZon: Season 1

Episode 6 - Deus!



Velium City….


Gun fire and smoke gathered above the trio’s head and continued to grow in size. The main source of the bombardment came from the giant mobile tanks called the Union Realdo’s models MA-115HT, which were colossal mech’s with their main body being that of a single tank cannon and it’s arm armed with machine guns and missiles.


The army went on relentlessly, cursing as they pull back their trigger fingers until the one of the commanding officer emerged out of a tank and bark out orders.




An orc man with a large stature made his troops halt and the instant that they do, entire area became devoid of any sound except for their breathes. The soldiers crept closer, mobile suits winded their limbs, trucks and tanks rolled up little by little, and the choppers stay hovered as the sea breeze brushes their surface.


“Ha! There’s no way anything alive could have survived that assault.” The orc man bellowed. “There was enough fire power to make any army beg on their knees.”


The sea breeze pushed the smoke away, clearing whatever obstructed their eyes to meet the single purple monster standing perfectly still, but unharmed to the point of it cracking its neck sideways in a boorish play.


“Wha…what the…” The commander’s knees began to tremble as he desperately tried to keep himself upright on top of his tank, and his voice quivered as though he was standing on top of a jack hammer. “oh…ohmygod…it’s….it’s not even hurt…wha….WHATTHEHELLISTHATTHING!”


But the sight of three mobile suits landing down before them brought the soldiers relief. “We’ll take it from here!” One of the pilots spoke out through a microphone.


“This thing’s tough, but let’s see if it can handle a mobile suit!”


The robots were classified as Union Realdo model VMS-15, with physical features slightly resembling that of fighter jet planes. They stood above more than 15 meters, was mostly composed of e-carbon which was said to be 20 times as strong as carbon nanotubes, and is powered by hydrogen instead of fossil fuel.


Compared to its counterpart - the hover tank version - the VMS-15 were taller and faster, and armed with better equipment.


“Oh.” Watching the metal behemoths towering him and approaching with heavy footsteps, the unflinching Argon stood his ground but with an amusing grin that showed how intrigued he felt by their confidence. “How intriguing.”


The first mecha charged forward with a fist raised up, aiming to crush the one horned kaoticon. “Die!”


It struck Argon from above with an impact that could crush a car into a flat piece of sheet metal. But that wasn’t how it was.


“What the-“


Unable to budge it’s arm, the mobile suit was being held down by none other than Argon, who was simply only using just his thumb and index finger.


“I retract my statement….you are most…DISAPPOINTING!” Leaping up high above the other mobile suits with both the other armored suit and the screaming pilot inside, he swung it up and brought it back down to smashed his new toy into an unsuspecting robot. The two machines burst into a black and red explosion, and Argon still had his first toy’s arm.


In response, the other three began to fire, but argon stuck the palm of his hand out and halted the bullets path in midair and dropped them. The kaoticon then threw what’s left of his toy like a spear, straight into the cockpit of the third mobile suit.


Finally, the remaining mecha’s flew up and fired missiles, engulfing the entire block. But the fourth suit met it’s end, when the unstoppable beast tear through and out of the cockpit with the pilots head in his jaw – later crushed like candy.


The last of the five then fleed from the scene for fear of dying in the same horrible manner as the others.


“Where do you think you’re going?” Observing his last prey running away, Argon stuck his hand out and made the mecha stop in its track. As though he were holding it, with just his mind, the armored beast slowly tighten his grip, crushing the mecha as well with ease and thenin the end he made it to form what a paper ball would appear and threw it on top of one of the human’s tanks.


His brutality and effortless massacre of the five mobile suits caused the rest of the erbanian forces to retreat yet they fire their weapons regardless.


Becoming rather bored from their pathetic attempts of retailation, Argon grunted from his further disappointment, leaving only one choice.


“You cowards deserve total annihilation!”


“Oh no!” Aurora stuttered, facing the two students with a despairing look. “Brace yourselves!”


“SAY GOOD BYE!” Crossing his arms over his head, Argon wrapped himself in a blazing hellish flame, only to quickly disappear for one moment, but instantly burst out of his body in the form of a bomb, encompassing the entire city in a blast that could only be described as a tactical nuke and it’s sound could be perceived as if the devil was laughing in pure happiness.



Velium City, Orbital elevator Valor…..


After the shock of the blast subsided, the orbital elevator shook itself wildly to the point of breaking several of its support cable, which allowed it to stand still, all at once. Still, the valor stood tall for a while, but it eventually fell from the incoming hive ships. They blasted away at its base to finally make the entire super structure tumble, causing the connecting platforms up in Earth’s low orbit to be dragged down, making the rest of the orbital elevators to topple as well.


The Valor fell nowhere near Velium City nor the northern outskirts; however, due to its size, all routes out of the city were blocked by land.


Whatever remained of the valor has fallen from orbit, but a lone light twinkled in the orange sky; that light was Sakura, and her lion winged companion, Cerberus, both safe and sound.


 “…..This…this is horrible.” Sakura gasped from the mayhem plaguing beneath her and frightenly questioned what could have caused the large explosion in the city – it was so powerful, only a large dirt covered crater was left.


“The city….it’s gone….everything’s….gone!” Her doubtfulness reached Cerberus’s ears, but luckily he had good news for her. “Sakura, do not lose hope, I can still sense your brother is very much alive!” His cute voice from before was replaced by a masculine and heavy tone.


 “HE IS!?” Sakura hollered in pure relief.


Cerberus nodded. “Yes, and the strange magical being from before is with him as well; I believe whoever he is with protected him from the blast somehow!”


“Oh what a relief!”


“There’s no time to relax now, I can also sense the source of the explosion to be nearing towards them!” Cerberus then looked up to find more trouble. “And we have company coming!”


Sakura looked up as well, discovering ships descending through the cloud and millions of hollering screams become less faint as they drew nearer.


“Just what are those things!?”


“Alien’s I suppose; but your first priority is to find Erb now! I will fight them off!”


“Kero you’re crazy if you think I’m leaving your side! And how will you fight them off?”


“But he won’t be , not alone!”


Sakura and Cerberus turned to encounter a white hair man with angel wings – Yue; Yukito’s other form.


“Yue!” Sakura exclaimed.


“Yue, it’s good to see you!”


“Likewise Cerberus.”


Happy to know that another friend was around, Sakura then inquired his motive for being here. “Where did you come from Yue?”


“Yukito was working with Touya in what you humans call an internship within the colossal structure lying behind us. Sadly, as you can see, it has been reduced to this state; I was only able to save a handful of people including your older brother.”


“You did all you could.” Cerberus assured.


“Where is he anyway?” Sakura asked.


“He’s safe, but let’s not waste any time here; Sakura, you must find your other brother, Erb, and bring him to safety!”


“But…even if I do, where do I take him, and my mom and grandpa; is anywhere safe now!?”


“I do not know; all I do know is that if you stay here with us then you will perish as well. Cerberus and I cannot handle such a large force of these creatures, let alone protect the people.”


Cerberus then explained, “That is why we will buy you and everyone else enough time to run as far as you can; to live on to fight another day.”




“No but’s.” the lion roared. “You must survive no matter what! Are we clear?”


“….alright…I will…” She sobbed, but withheld her tears the best she could in order to show her resolve.


Yue and Cerberus were proud of her and gained strength from it. “We will meet again someday Sakura.” said Yue. “So do not fret.”


“So far, the more I hear people telling me to not worry, I do become worried…” She remarked, and her tears now full of joy. “But I’ll take each of your word for it.”


“Good, now hurry, we will hold them off!” Cerberus reminded her again, understanding full well by what she meant.


Without ever saying another word, Sakura desperately continues on flying straight to the city, leaving Yue and Kero against their millions of adversaries.


“Let’s get to work Cerberus.”


“Yes, let us fight!”


Watching swarms of white monsters diving towards them, the two magical beings went to work, leaving flashes of lights in their wake, with every kill they make.



What’s left of Velium City……


The deaf defining ring that plagued Erb’s mind eventually woke him up from his short nap, only to find himself lying next to a slumbering Sylvia and the blue hair girl standing beside him with her swords crossed above her head. Around them, a faint light enshrouded them in the form of a dome, and it was the very thing that protected them.


“Holy…….” Erb then looked to the girl with surprised look. “Did she make this thing?”


And he was correct in assuming it was her doing after noticing her erratic breathing pattern – she was tired, and the dome was causing her distress.


Sylvia soon woke up and was experiencing mental fatigue from the shock, but she was about to faint by the scene around her after the small dome faded away. Buildings and roads were no longer existent, nothing remained except for them. 


“The city….where’s the city!? We can’t possibly be in Velium City?”


Erb unfortunately told Sylvia the hard truth. “I’m sorry to break it to you, but we are; look at that!”


Over their shoulders, Sylvia noticed the mountain areas where what used to be the Valor was now a gigantic pile of broken metal and gears – mankind’s greatest creation, was now in rubble.


“This is a nightmare! It has to be; my mother; what happened to my mother!?” Sylvia kneeled down as she was about to undergo a mental breakdown, unable to comprehend the difference between reality and nightmare.


That was until Aurora confessed. “How could I let this happen? How could I?”


“What do you mean!?” Erb asked, “Did you have anything to do with this!?”


“Dammit, how could I let this happen!?” She ignored Erb and continued on blaming herself for holding back her true strength. “I should have gone all out from the beginning, then maybe, maybe….”


Hearing nothing but her rambling, Sylvia stood back up and began crying out her heart out for an answer to her sorrow. “Who…are you exactly? What have you done!?”


“….I…I’m…” Aurora tried to find the right words to convey her apology, but only the first word of her reply ever came out.


But Argon’s comment slithered into their ears, and they all felt a chill breezing them by. “She is my prey!”


They all can see Argon posing in a laid back position with his arms crossed over his chest again. “However, I am impressed aureaian. I would have thought your tiny shield would have broken. But it seemed I was wrong.”


Unable to move out of fear, Erb and Sylvia couldn’t move nor could they breathe – the thought of running for their life overruled all other functions in their bodies. But as if all hope was lost, they watch Aurora’s body releasing an other-worldly blaze of blue and white - mixed and mashed - rising straight into the sky. Compared to the purple menace, her output contained warmth yet hostile – luckily it wasn’t aimed at them.


“It’s time that we end this little girl, once and for all!” AS though he was suspended in the air with strings, he suddenly squatted down and got back up to attack. “First, I will eat you aureaian, then the dragon, and finally, everything else as I so please!”


“Wait, dragon?” Saying just those two words made enough time for Argon’s killer intent to reach Aurora,  and so hastily shouted at the two behind her to run.




Argon charged in for the kill, forming his hand to a knife, and thrusts it straight to the unsuspecting young girl.




In response, Aurora summoned one of her old moves in a flash. “Thundaga!” Thunder bolts collided towards Argon, but he rushed out of it without ever flinching.


Aurora carried her blades and began swinging away at the kaoticon’s incoming fists.


Watching flurries of blue and purple mixed and mashed, Erb couldn’t help but clench his hands tightly as he felt powerless in this situation and that what he should be doing now was heeding her advice – run!


“Erb what are you-“ Before Sylvia could say another word, Erb roughly swooped her off her feet and into his arm. She can see his face covered with terror and sweat, but he nonetheless was running at full speed from how fast his breathing was.


Aurora spotted him moving away, which brought her great comfort seeing as how she would no longer have any distractions hindering her. However, Argon wasn’t about to let them go free.


“I’ll run, I’ll run for as long as I can, for as far as I can!” Erb could only think of fleeing anywhere then rather going to any specific place; if a monster like the purple beast could destroy a city all by itself, then nowhere is safe. “I won’t stop running until I-“


Within a second, Erb felt something striking his chest, and his sprint ceasing but his body fell forward. Blood spewed out of his mouth and chest, and some of it got on Sylvia’s clothe and face. The sight of his chest open and gushing red left the poor pink girl hyperventilating uncontrollably, and when her pupil’s dilated, she finally let out a scream.


Argon shot a beam straight from the tip of his tail, which was the only thing Aurora paid no mind to, and left a golf ball size hole in Erb’s chest right through his heart.


Aurora screamed out to see a boy at her age being killed, but was sent flying back to them when Argon sneak attacked her with the same tail.


Ignoring the blue girl’s crashing next to her, Sylvia poured cried her heart out for the boy who took care of her through the entire ordeal, and wished with all her heart that all of the horrible things she had witnessed were just nightmares.


But the resonating yell of another girl broke her traumatic trance.


From a distance, Argon detected someone quickly approaching him, and vaguely met a sword coming straight down to him. Observing his attacker to be just a little girl with a sword, he thought nothing much of it and tried to grab her weapon to kill her. “Hmph, how futile! This little thing-”


Sadly, the girl quickly retracts her blade away in anger thus cutting his hand off, and then swung back to cleave his entire arm clean off.




Argon and even Aurora were both shocked how easily the girl’s sword sliced his arm. Argon hadn’t expected a simple sword to cut him and despite his expressionless armored face, he voice murmured in skepticism.


“How can this be? My arm!” Argon growled. “What is that sword!?”.


Aurora however, easily knew what the sword was. “That weapon…it’s imbued with magic - a very large amount….who is she?”


In pain, bearing his teeth at Sakura with the utmost intent of murdering her, Argon roared at her with a raging aura that shook the area around them, causing Sakura to fall on her knees –unable to stop her body from shaking.




Looking at the monster’s mouth to produce a purple light, Sakura tried to move away but was too late – she would have no time to dodge. But before Argon could fire a shot, he was yet again interrupted by Aurora placing a well-placed spell on him. “Firaga!


He was quickly engulfed in flames, creating a large bonfire as a result and stopping him dead in his track.


As the spell erupted into a ball of fire and left an empty smoldering hole, Sakura swiftly sped over to the two girls sitting by her brother’s side, watching the pool of blood stain his and their clothes, and turning the barren dirt around them into a dark eerie red.


“Brother please…don’t die…please! You can’t…”


Dead, lifeless eyes were all she could see in him. The light in his pupils faded away, along with his pounding heart. Sylvia sat speechless, but shed streams of her sorrow down her cheeks and like Erb’s face, her’s seemed lifeless.


Aurora, unable to take the fact that she could have done more to at least insure not another life was to be taken, faced reality and let go of all restrictions.


Sadness filled the atmosphere around them, leaving little hope for the trio to find or stick to. Then out of the blue, the crater from which the bonfire laid, was gone after Argon busted out of the ground and jets towards the sky with his only one arm still intact.


“What, how can that thing be alive?” Sakura asked. “No living being could have survived that!”


Blind and maddening rage made Argon clutched his only hand so tight that he was able to produce electricity, and gritted his to swiftly open his mouth with a single roar that demolished everything in sight, leaving nothing else standing.


“YOU INSIGNIFICANT WORMS! I WILL DESTORY ALL OF YOU!” Then, an idea popped in his head; an idea that would cost him his fleet, but would get rid of all of his problems. “IN FACT, SAY GOOD BYE TO YOUR PLANET!”


Flying up even higher, and raising his only hand, he formed a single large black ball of energy and increased its size so quickly that in seconds it’s size was big enough to block the sun’s view from the girl’s eyes.


But just before he was finished preparing his dooms day attack, a powerful gust of wind past him and a gathered around a blinding white light right below his feet.


“What is this?” Argon sighted the aureaian to be the source of the power surge, and with each passing second she was becoming stronger. “Why are her powers increasing all of a sudden? And what is that light?”


Not letting Argon get his way any longer, Aurora finally broke her limit; she released all of her powers at full maximum, eclipsing even Argon’s power level within a few seconds. Sakura could sense something powerful was brewing in the blue girl, and so she immediately erected her own barrier.


“I call upon the powers of my star, ancient forces near and far, Shield card discard all your might and draw your power from my light, Star Card!”


In seconds a dome similar to Aurora’s barrier entrapped them, and there they watch carefully as Aurora was literally on fire.


As her power output skyrockets, her battle dress then changed formed, molding into a simpler design. Her upper gear stayed mostly the same though the area which used to cover her chest area disintegrated, along with her apparels attached to her waist. They turned into blue dust and then formed around her arms and legs. Her boots transformed into a more slender shape which reached up to her thighs, both having a lighter shade of blue and three protruding spikes around her knee; she also wore same colored gauntlets around her arms.


The last items to go were her swords which disintegrated into her attire as well and her hair grew longer and flowed like a calm stream with a sky blue glow replacing her normal color.


With her preparations over, in a show of power, she took a single step back, and obliterated a city block size of the area behind her as if it were just sand.


“What is this, how did she hide this much power and why until now? Unless… don’t tell me!”


The kaoticons had only encountered the aureaians for several decades and at first the human-like creatures seemed inferior to the menacing horde despite their advance technology. However there were those among the aureaians who rely on themselves – the use of inner energy; something which the kaoticons were born knowing how to use, but is also one of ways they could be defeated.


Whether the aureaians apply their inner energy in the form of physical enhancements or magic, a single warrior could handle a minor kaoticon; which were dubbed level 1’s. Although the aureaians were mainly born with either both or one of the two types – mana and ki.


Mana was used to summon forth outer energy from their surroundings to create flames, ice, or a shield – magic to the say the least.


Ki however was used to summon forth one’s inner energy in the form of explosive power of increase in physical stature or in the form of very a destructive energy base blast or explosion.


Both types hold different properties, but nonetheless, these powers proved to be a great asset against the kaoticons since they could only use their own version of ki.


However, the a few percent of the entire aureaian population also had a third power, called Deus; god powers - abilities so rare and powerful, it would rival that of the god’s themselves; and Aurora was one of them and Argon knew it.


His recollection of his foes was cut short by Aurora’s soothing low voice resonating from below, and as he looked down he saw her hair flowing upward and her eyes completely white – devoid of the old colors they held.


“…..Phew….Normally I would never use this power under circumstances like this – I’ve only been able to handle this power for a minute at most. And the longer I use it the more inadvertent damage it would cause.”


Her simple step back was the proof of her instability.


“But you and your kind done far too much damage to the poor inhabitants of this world, and it was foolish of to me to think that I could defeat you without using it. Because of me, so many people died…so many innocent people.…”


She glanced back to find the two girls still with their dead friend, and the sight of him made her heart feel as though it was falling. But it was because of his death that she was able to make her resolve in resorting to using her Deus. Shutting her eyes and controlling her emotions, she strongly opened them up to show a young girl full of rage and contempt and her voice described it all.


“...I will not make the same mistake again!”


Kicking her right leg back, the surrounding dirt and rubble began gravitating around her as she made her own source of gravity. “With this upcoming kick, you won’t stand a chance!”


“RAH! JUST DIE ALREADY!” Argon threw his death ball with any hesitation; fully intending on destroying all of his trouble in one go. In anyone’s eyes, the ball would look almost unstoppable, that nothing could halt its descent to the blue and green planet, mother earth. Sakura and Sylvia, with Erb lying by their side, watch Aurora standing calm and confident, and strangely enough they did the same - calm and confident.


Calculating the blast’s mass and power, Aurora channeled her ki into her rear leg, lifted it up, pivoted and turned on her other leg, and threw her rear leg straight up with her heel pointed at the purple behemoth. Out from her feet a bright blue spear then pierced through Argon’s attack like a balloon and made its way to Argon himself.


Caught off guard by how powerful her attack was, Argon embraced it with just his one arm, but was instantly overwhelmed in the end. Unable to dodge, deflect, or even redirect the blast, the maniacal leader of the kaoticon fleet hovering over the earth let out a death cry so loud, it traveled to everyone’s ears all across the world as he travels from the sky and straight into the dark abyss of space.


Never to be seen again.



This is the 6th episode of CrimZon. Hope You enjoyed it and leave a comment if you want.


OC: None


Non-OC: None


CrimZon: Season 1

Episode 5 – Will to Survive!



Northern Outskirts…..


The once flourishing city, Velium City, brimming with life and prosperity, was suddenly brought to ruins in a matter of minutes from a hail storm of flashing lights from the high above the planet’s sky.


In the northern outskirts, citizens of Velium watched their metropolis burn and crumble to the ground, with high black stacks of smoke rising from its streets. In the safety of their homes, all they could do was sob and scream in despair over their lose in both hope and life as they know it.


Out of the blue however, a horde of trembling horns blared everywhere by Erban’s national guards moving through the streets to defend whatever was left standing. Tanks, planes, mobile suits, ships, and every foot soldier they could muster, were all sent to the scene, each and every one of them hoping to bring the catastrophe to an end and contained.


In Erb’s home, Sakura Kinomoto, and her boyfriend, Syaoran Li, were both shocked senseless by the destructive aftermath playing in front of them.


Embraced in Syaorans arms, Sakura’s terrified eyes quivered anxiously, and her words did the same. “Who…what did all of this!? What’s going to happen to all of us?”


Her friend, kept her tight. “I don’t know Sakura…”


And then a thought came to her – her brother was in the city. With a look of pain, Sakura gasped in fright, “My brother, he’s in their! He’s in the city still!”


“Are you sure?” asked the boy, and her pain-stricken look answered him clearly. “Oh no…”


“…he hasn’t come home yet from his trip.” Sakura said. “He should have been home a while ago; and he’s not picking up his cell!”


Watching her flustered and worried to death, Syaoran goes on to comfort her. “If you plan on going to the city then I’ll go with you!”


Happy to hear his eagerness, she however had to decline one part of his suggestion.


“I already plan to go…but you have to stay here; I can go on my own. He’s my brother after all so he’s my responsibility.”


About to object, Syaoran was about to put up his plea until she quickly shuts him down with a request. “Now I know this is selfish of me, but Syaoran…I want you to stay here and protect my mom and grandpa while I’m gone. Will you do that for me!?”


Unable to say no with her earnest eyes struck to his own, in the end he unwillingly accepted. “Of course, I would do anything for you!”


“Thank you!” Giving him a kiss to the cheeks, Sakura then turns around and called out for her companion.




In an instant, a plushy lion cub with wings rushed out of her bookshelf with an eager look.


“You don’t need to say another word! I’m already pinpointing him as we speak!”


Having embedded magic on each of her family members, Cerberus’s ability to sense faint traces of magic allowed him to survey the entire city; but before that. “Just give me a second. But here, take your key!”


He handed over her star key chain from around his neck, allowing her to recite her words of power.


“Key of the star, with powers burning bright, reveal the staff and shine your light!”


Within the enclosed room, a large magic circle instantly expanded beneath her feet, her key chain was then enveloped in a golden glow, and soon after gusts of wind circled around her as though she were the eye of a tornado.




The wind then burst outward, her key chain morphing into a long staff and her ritual complete. She grabbed hold of her weapon with a firm grip, getting herself familiar with it until Kero reported his results. “Sakura, I found your brother!”


“Is he close by?” she questioned.


But his face made a dishearten. “No, and it’s not good; I can sense your brother to still be in the city – right in the middle of all of…that.” He pointed to his tiny paws to the city, hinting her brother’s whereabouts to be in the worst possible spot.


“But there’s more!”  He warned, “I can sense another magical being up above this world’s atmosphere, and whoever it is, it rivals your own powers.”


Sakura was startled by his news – she always believed she was the most powerful macigian in the world, but to know there is another, shocked her nerves. “Are you sure? Could it be someone we know? Like Eriol perhaps.”


“I’m positive it’s not Eriol!” With utter confidence he confirmed, “I never felt anything like it; the magic feels completely foreign.”


“Then there’s no time to lose!” After taking a card out of her book bag, Sakura commenced to recite another chant.


“I call upon the powers of my star, ancient forces near and far, Fly card discard all your might and draw your power from my light, Star Card!”


Raising her fly card up, she was instantly engulfed in a small hurricane but emerged out with white pairs of wings sprouting out of her back.


Looking back to Syaoran, she said her farewells, “I’ll be back, but you better be here when I do, alright!?”


“I know, now hurry!”


“Let’s go Kero!”


“Right behind you!”


Opening the window, she walked onto the roof over the small sand garden in her home, and was about to fly away, until a familiar voice grabs hold of her attention.


“Leaving already?”


Taken back, she and Kero turned their heads to quickly discover Sakura’s red lizard grandfather, Aber, sitting on the roof above her in his usual black and white Chinese outfit.


Syaoran stuck his head out to also be surprised by Aber’s calm presence. “Was he there the whole time?”


“Ah! Grandpa!” Sakura muttered frustratingly, “Oh no…did you – “


Looking through his telescope, he answered her with questions of his own, “– do you mean if I saw you use magic; or the fact that you were about to fly off to the city with a talking plush doll? Into all of that fire and smoke.”


Flustered and anxious to know what his thoughts were, Sakura simply muttered in confusion, “Um….”


But to her surprise, Aber gave her a peculiar answer. “My answer is….nothing of the sort.”


“Huh?” she blurted, baffled by his response. Stroking his white beard, Aber continued on. “I saw my granddaughter do no such thing; bu---t I do see a kind hearted girl who is prepared to embark on saving her brother from harm without a second thought...and I couldn’t be more proud.”


Even further shocked by how casual he acted despite seeing her have wings and talking to a floating plush toy, she slightly tilted her head, dumbfounded.


“You’re…not surprised?”


Looking down to her, Aber pointed out. “Surprised…? Not a bit! You aren’t the first magical girl I’ve seen. Although, I can’t say the same for my daughter and her son.”


Looking back to the burning city, Aber then warned Sakura, “But speaking of Erb; if you’re leaving to the city now, then I suggest you take flight right away!”


Surprised, but thankful for his understanding behavior, Sakura concluded their brief encounter. “Thank you grandpa! I promise to tell you everything when this is over!”


Chuckling by her mature attitude, he nodded in acknowledgement. “Then go on! You don’t have to worry about me and your mother! We’ll be fine with…. you’re “boyfriend!” ok!”


Syaoran flinched from that very mentioning.


“…thank you gramps!” she grinned. Flapping her wings, she said her good byes to her grandfather, and he in return waves his good bye to her with his last statement. “Sakura, be safe! Or else your mother will kill me….”


Unable to help but laugh at his remark, she flew straight towards the city with Kero hanging onto her shoulder.


Aber then mumbled the rest of his sentence quietly under his own breath. “…That is if she found out that I let her daughter go off on her own and not do anything about it……..I should have thought this through.”



High Earth Orbit……


As the battle over the planet waged on with almost no end in sight, kaoticon fleet dominated the plain field with their sheer strength and numbers. The size of the skirmish gradually neared towards the orbital elevators themselves, leaving large scars all over its used to be pristine exterior.


Far away from the battle though, trails of purple and blue lights traversed through the debris of metal and rock; within, on her raida at high speed, with a powerful kaoticon charging his way behind her, Aurora was buying time for herself as a means to recover her strength little by little.


From last she checked, the fleet that was deployed from the planet were almost annihilated by the kaoticons hive ships, meaning that their line of defense are now crippled and wide open for the horde to invade without any opposition.


Her short recollection was quickly disrupted by her opponent’s mental taunting.




Strangely enough the kaoticons have a unique ability to send telepathic messages, which left Aurora a bit intimated when she heard him roared in her head in anger.


Locking on to her raida, Argon spat out volleys of dark bolts of deadly energy that could have easily destroyed a single ship whole if touched.


Aurora maneuvered her vehicle with ease, letting the bolt slip by her and allowed it to detonate on a stray debris.


But the moment she dodged, Argon bursted forward and unhinged his jaw in a ghastly manner to chump her flesh off in one big bite.


However, Aurora counters by swiftly turning her entire raida around, formed her bow and arrow cannon in an instant, and shot another Hasto Ignis point blank to his open mouth.


The resulting explosion flung her back for a while but she regained her posture as she watched the kaoticon’s body also flinging back into the empty space, motionless - as if he were dead.


Sadly, that wasn’t the case; massive amounts of energy in the form of flames began to surge out of his body, and in a bright display of power and force, Argon emerged unharmed with one of her light spears in his mouth.


Unimpressed and unharmed, Argon solidified his dominance in their brief skirmish with a simple growl. “….not bad.” He commented and immediately shattered it with a single bite, crunching on the molded energy as if it were candy. “But next time….crunch…..I would prefer my meals….crunch….soft…gulp…like your flesh for instance!”


Staying stationary on her raida, her hit and run tactics weren’t going to work on Argon, so all she’s left with was her first option – head to head combat.


But for whatever reason Argon posed a question to her. “What is your name aureaian?”


Baffled, she spoke to him through his mind. “Why do you ask?”


“Come now, I would at least love to learn of the name of my meal first. What say you, little girl?”


Provoked by his prediction, she eventually told him though reluctantly. “….Aurora.”


“Aurora…pretty name. I am Argon; the ship master of this fleet, and the bringer of your demise, Aurora!”


Aurora, retracting her vehicle into her bracelet, hastily floated by a metal platform nearby, and stood her ground with both swords held by her side.


Grinning in delight, Argon clenched his fist and propels forward to shatter the metal platform from which she stood.


Cracking his bones and flexing his muscles, Argon prepares himself for his death match.


In a flash, they both began warping away with only the faint images of their bodies left behind. Aurora minded her surroundings with quick glances from behind, while keeping her eyes focused on her raging opponent’s flurries of punches.


Aurora held Argon back as best she could; she parried one of his fist with her sword, and another soon after, but that was all she could do – his defenses left too little gaps for her to land a strike.


“Blocking are we!?” Argon taunted. “You were more amusing when you were running!”


The monster sent her flying back against an asteroid and closed in with a wide jab, but Aurora immediately left an afterimage of herself and allowed his fist to plunge into the rock. Now behind his massive back and watching Argon trying to free his fist, she unleashed her next attack in the form of an energy kick and dug him straight through the asteroid.


Aurora then moved away and awaits the monster to emerge out – waiting to spring her surprise attack. But the purple light pierced right back out of the rock, causing it to explode into dust and smoke, giving him the cover he needed to dash out unexpectedly; leaving Aurora little time to react.


He intended to rip her head off, however she flew beneath him, avoiding him completely. Still Argon was fast enough to face catch up to her and threw out waves of energy blasts to her location.


Aurora, raising her shield – Reflect – was able to block most of the bolts, but the shockwaves made from their detonation resonated through it like an earthquake.


Maintaining her reflect,  she pointed her blue aura blade out in front of her and summoned several ice blocks to form around circle around her position.


Blizzaga!” The ice blocks scattered forward to erupt the blasts prematurely, creating yet another smokescreen.


However, within an instant, Argon flew out of the explosion once more, bringing down his large claws over her shield, destroying it into pieces. Aurora immediately twirled around to his back when he lunged at her, and with her swords she quickly swung towards the nape of his neck.


He immediately countered by turning his head at the right moment to catch both of her blades with his teeth. Using his powerful jaw, he went on to violently hurdle her around.


In response, she channeled her magic energy – mana - into her blades to produce a yellow static glow.




Firing a violent flash of lightning directly into his mouth engulfed the monster in the same color glow, but forced Aurora to move back again to avoid her own attack and to observe the spectacle. However, if Argon comes out of her attack again, unharmed, then she’s finished – thundaga was one of her best moves.


And to her misfortune, Argon blew away the yellow glow surrounding him with just histhe shockwave of his shouts alone, causing Aurora to hurdle back against a region of rocks.


To avoid anymore unnecessary flights, she flared her body into a fiery shade of blue, and stopped herself from any further jaunts.


To her dismay though, she can spot the purple menace to only have a minor scratch on his face and a cocky smirk across his armored face.


“…old and tasteless; as expected of magic!” Argon remarked. He rubbed his jaw, licked his lips in a ghastly manner, and soon ignited himself in dark purple. He channeled his powers into the paws of his hands and took careful aim on the girl.


“Here; let me show you what a real attack looks like!”


Twin devastating beams, each having the height and width of two football stadiums, fired across the horizon of space, disintegrating everything in its path, and leaving nothing but atoms behind. Luckily, Aurora quickly warped away with her Reflect active, but just barely; her clothes was torn and her arms had minor burns. But her last ditch evasion made her head straight for one of the hive ships nearing orbit around the planet.


She tumbled roughly on its hull but stopped herself by plunging her sword down.


Thereafter, she discovered Argon hovering above several meters away with another one of his blasts readied.


“Oh no!” she cursed.


But Argon retorted back in utter bliss, “Ohhh but yes!”


Obliterating his own ship in a violet color sphere, he watched the aureaian come out and fall to the planet without any resistance.


Sustaining her shield but vaguely conscious, Aurora braced herself for reentry by strengthening her barrier as best she could, to protect herself from the heat reentering a planet’s atmosphere.


Argon pursued after her in hopes of plunging his teeth straight into her luscious flesh, and then later, into his number one prize – the dragon residing on the world below. And behind him, his millions of minions followed in suit, wanting to have their own fill on their new hunting grounds, starting with where the aureaian fell.



Velium City…..


Watching the city burn and crumble around them as if the apocalypse had come to earth, the red demi human, Erb, rode along the barren dreadful roads of the former metropolis on his newly acquired Harley Davidson chopper bike with Sylvia von Argones clinging on his back.


Erb drove in hast to at least return home – or to any sign of civilization left – so that they could escape from Velium City together; that is if his home is still intact.


However, the thought weighed heavily on his mind along with how Sylvia was fairing from all of this; and so to relieve some of the tension taxing his mind, he posed a question to her in a kind gesture.


“Sylvia, you alright back there?” Glancing behind him, Erb asked away with an assuring tone.


Hearing nothing but silence, he asked her again. “Sylvia…are you alright? Come on, answer me!”


Sylvia heard him loud and clear, but the horrifying images of seeing so many mangled or burnt bodies flashing before her eyes caught her tongue.


Still, she knew full well the real reason why Erb kept asking was to keep her mind occupied, so after a brief moment, she answered Erb’s question.


“…I’m alright!” Her voice stuttered slightly but she did her best in composing herself.


“Oh good!” he sighed. “I was worried that you might never answer back.”


Hearing him chuckling away pathetically to ease their atmosphere, Sylva did not follow suit, but dug her face deeper on his back.


Then suddenly, with the city’s state in mind, images of her mother – being the mayor and all – caused her some concern.


“Erb wait, stop the bike!”


“Ok, but why!?” She asked.


“My mother! She’s at city hall.” Sylvia said, remembering the current time to be when her mother would be calling her by now out of worry like every other day since she was hardly at home and her daughter always alone at home. “Do you think we can go there first!”


“Uh ok, sure; but are is she really there!?”


“I’m sure I know; she’s the mayor and as mayor, she’s always in her office.”


Erb then looked to the sky to find it still filled with tiny sparks of light, but the city was strangely calm – this could be the perfect time to take a detour. “Alright then, city hall it is…..I guess…” Erb’s attention soon switched over above a large building in front of them and then to the sky again, where he spotted a blue beautiful light slowly becoming bigger.


“Hey, what’s that?”


Sylvia discovered the same phenomena too, but is equally perplexed. “I don’t know….another attack maybe?”


“I don’t know….but….isn’t that light somehow…getting bigger?”


“…I think so…”


“….oh shit-”


Just before the blue light crashed through the building to make it finally crumble in place, Erb and Sylvia both screamed in fright at the top of their lungs and watched whatever remained around them to be destroyed. The light crashed right behind where the two teen’s drove past but out of it a dark blue object struck the rear wheel of their motorcycle, and thus ejected them both off their seats in a manner that would be equal to that of a world class roller coaster.


Flying in midair, Erb’s special traits allowed him to grab hold of Sylvia and tuck her close to him; using himself to shield her body from their abrupt fall.


Tumbling over and over - without even a scratch or bruise due to his unnatural durability - Erb and Sylvia were safe and sound unlike their current settings.


Erb sat upright and quickly directed his worry over the girl in his arms. “Sylvia, are you alright!? Are you hurt anywhere?”


“Yeah, I’m ok.” Sylvia got up and rubbed her head to sooth a dull pain that’s been bothering her, but she was mostly intact – physically speaking. “What about you though? You took both our falls.”


“Oh I’m fine!” He strongly replied. “Really!”


He then immediately let go of her out of politeness and then stared at the smoldering crater in awe as he could clearly hear the sizzling sounds of something being grilled going on. “I wonder what that was?”


But the sight of the object stuck on their ride bewildered him even more to even make his eyes widen.


“Is that a sword?” Sylvia questioned.


“I don’t know…” he muttered. Erb walked over to what used to be their ride and wrench the sword free. He examined the item with care, though its shape does appear to be a sword, with its added parts like the guard and hilt and all.


“I guess it is a sword, but where did it come from?”


Erb then made his way towards the edge of the smoking crater. “That wasn’t anything like the lights before.” He pondered, peering over the edge to quickly spot what he believes to be a faint white shimmer.


“What is-” He cuts himself off soon after his eyes gazed upon what he thinks to be a girl practically his age, with blue glittering hair, lying asleep at the bottom with torn clothes and armor as some sort of sleeping beauty.


Then, Sylvia’s voice startled him out of his moment. “Ohmygod! There’s a person down there!”


Without a second thought, Erb and Sylvia both leaped down and made their way to the blue hair girl. Sylvia checked her body for injuries and she found several though that would indeed be painful but none seemed life threatening. “…She doesn’t seem to be hurt…but where did she come from?”


“You would think that the light would be where she came from.” Erb said.


“I know that but….doesn’t that mean that…..well look at her!” Sylvia stuttered confusingly. “She looks…like us…well I mean me of course but…she looks human!”


She then took a careful look at her attire. “And her clothing…it looks more like…”


“Armor?” Erb finished. Erb careful touched the clothe since the white light surrounding her was active, but he felt no resistance from it. The texture of the cloth felt hard though, yet smooth, like the surface of any metal, and it was cold – it should have been hot.


Then, the fading white light dispersed, startling them to the point of crawling back. Although, Sylvia found something behind her.


“Hey, look at this.” Sylvia showed Erb a similar looking sword like the one he has. “I suppose these things belong to her huh? It’s light though….and blue…”


Now, the notion of her being not just some a regular human was starting to cross Erb’s mind. “weird clothing, blue swords, strange lights…I don’t think this girl is-”


The moaning of the girl stopped Erb’s ranting and made him look to her with eyes that became instantly glued to her weary face; and when they met, he froze.


She was unbelievably breathe taking to him; it was as though the crystal blue sea was packed into one body – her eyes sparkled like the ocean, her skin glittered like sand, and her hair, shined as though the blue sky was at the highest point of the day.


“She’s….she is…gorgeous….” Erb kept repeating those words time and time again, unable to find any other words to describe the beauty – if she were an angel, then Erb believed he was dead now.


Aurora, clearing her vision to discover the blue sky up above her, she was stunned by the boy’s appearance, but more by his red and black eyes. It was as though she was staring at the sun in space, but in reverse – the sun was black, but its space around it was blazing red. She felt an empty, but warm sensation as she looked deeper in the black void – he seemed intriguing.


“His eye’s…their so….intense….” All she could look at was his intense gaze; wanting to know what dwelled within.


But Erb then suddenly inquired the stranger even when his face was flushed by her goddess-like gaze.


“Ah ahem! Hey ah miss, are you alright?”


“Uh…yes…thank you for asking?” But a realization crossed her mind from his simple question. “Wait, I can understand you?”


“Huh?” He frowned.


But a more pressing mattered loomed Aurora’s mind – where was she? “Wait where am I?”


Sylvia answered her. “You don’t know…this is velium city…well…what’s left of it that is


“Velium….city?” To her, the city seemed it was beyond any sort of repair – most likely due to the kaoticon attack.


“What’s your name?” Sylvia asked.


But instead of answering back, Aurora’s dangerous foe made her warn them in a frightening tone. “There’s no time, you two have to get out of here now before the kaoticon gets here.”


“Kaotic-what?” Erb blurted, perplexed by her message. “The heck is-”


A sudden moment then befell Erb and Sylvia, a moment when they felt an incomprehensible fear stabing their entire being like a knife. Hearing a tiny piece of rubble chipped off and examining the girl’s face looking up with a scorning expression, the two students slowly cogged their heads around to discover that a large shadow was cast over them and the source to be an armored beast floating in midair with its arms crossed over its chest.


“Oh no, it’s too late, he’s already here!”  Aurora thought.


Fear rolled down their cheeks in the form of sweat, and their eyes shivered just from the beast’s massive presence, staring down at them, with it’s razor sharp teeth bearing at them.


Argon gently landed on the edge of the crater, but was perplexed by what he was seeing before him.


Looking through his armored mask through electromagnetic waves, he can see three beings – the aureaian, and two other weaker beings. But his senses were telling him that the dragon he was so thriving to meet, was amongst them.


His sights were then dead set on the dragon, but found it to be within an abnormal being with a pathetic power level – a being that was emitting fear at an all time high.


“…is this a joke? The dragon is within….that thing!?” Argon grunted in discontent, having lost high hopes in fighting a glorious battle with a dragon, but was instead given someone a half his height. “ most disappointing.” His voice became rougher and more death defining now that he wasn’t talking through psychic patches.


Staring an armored face of purple and a set of shark-like teeth, Erb had clearly heard the monster speak in their language, but still couldn’t believe it to be real. It was gigantic – a suit of muscle and armor, posing itself as some higher being; looking down at them as if they were just bugs that need to be squashed.


But despite all that, Erb couldn’t help speak his mind. “...I take it that that thing is a…gulp….a kaoticon?”


“ it speaking in our language?” was all Sylvia could say.


Hearing nothing but their quivering mouths, Argon expressed his discontent. “I had expected a stronger opponent to at least entertain me, but I suppose the aureaian will have to do!”


“Huh!?” Erb yelped, confused but alarming himself that the purple giant said aureaian. “Did he mean the girl?”


Aurora’s thoughts was then stuck on what Argon meant by stronger opponent. “Someone stronger than me? But who? I don’t sense any power levels higher than my own.”


“After I’m done with you, the two peons will be next.” Argon uncrossed his arms and began cracking his hands. “But do not worry Aureaian, I will be lenient and offer them a quick death; maybe a swift decapitation by my hands will suffice.” His own remark made him laugh devilishly as the thoughts of their heads rolled in his mind.


Aurora grunted in defiance; she grabbed her sword away from the two teens and stood back in his fighting posture.


Erb shuddered from the thought of being in the girl’s shoe, and so he cried out to Sylvia with the intent of escaping. “Sylvia let’s get out of here!”


Argon flexed his muscle to fight Aurora once more and was about to make a quick dash as soon as the two natives moved an inch. However, the powerful kaoticon soon sensed similar small power levels approaching him rather too quickly for their level, and took the time to look forward to only meet a metal slug impacting his face.


Engulfed in smoke and hailed by a tank shell, the two students dug to the ground in shock whereas Aurora stood unfazed; wondering who shot him.


Another roar of tank fire accompanied with machine guns rang their ears like the chaotic rhythm of church bells on a Sunday afternoon, but much louder.


“What’s going on?” Aurora wondered; in response she erected reflect once more, protecting herself and the two natives with her.


The soldiers of the Erbanian army continued their assault on the single monster with everything they had, from simple rifles to precision air strikes from their mobile suits; anything within a 3 block radius should be destroyed beyond recognition.


“It’s the military!” Erb gladly answered her. “They’ll turn that kaotic-whatever into minced meat!”


But Aurora thought otherwise. “No, it’s not enough!


Her people were at war with them for years, and the only effective way to beat someone like Argon is with both magic or powers equaling to his – her current powers were barely enough; and she judged the combine strength of the soldiers to be so near the fraction of his, even with technology.


“Those soldiers will get killed, they have to run away!”



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    2)      Union Realdo MA-115HT


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CrimZon: Season 1

Episode 4 – Death from Above Pt.2



Approaching the Planet Earth….


Projected in the screen in front of him was an aureaian girl zooming over their ship like a bug, firing at his ship’s engine with everything she had.


Outside and on her glider Aurora bombarded the mother ship with rapid slash shots from her blades, making sure to grab their focus on her.


Unfortunately, it was clear to her that the ships weren’t paying any attention as they continue their course towards the blue world; so as a last resort, she sped past the fleet at an astonishing speed and then stops to face them as a road block to their feast.


“I WON’T LET ANY OF YOU GET THROUGH!” she declared in her mind.


Cloaking herself in bright blue flames and having both of her swords in hand, she next smashed their hilt together and placed them into a slot on her raida. Her raida then flashed illuminatingly to later transform into a large mobile cannon in the shape of a metallic bow.


Though her physical fortitude is strong, her mind was having doubts on her ability to hold back an entire fleet in her current state.


“I count 17 ships including the big one…but there are probably around millions of them in total, low ranks from their appearance…but the large presence I sensed before is obviously a higher ranked being…and what’s more, its stronger than me.”


As weak as she was, she had to remove her doubts and make up the difference by strengthening her resolve. “No, no I can’t have doubt; I have to beat them all…I can’t let a single one of them get through….I have to make every shot count!


Out from the ships, every single kaoticon gushed out in swarms like bees going on the hunt for the being that disturbed their hives, leaving Aurora not much choice but to take up her bow and slaughter them.

Outfitted with a metal bow string in hand, she strongly pulled it back to form a white long arrow.


Hasto Ignis!


She sent her arrow flying halfway towards the horde, and then instantly burst into thousands of spears spread all across her field of view.


Many of the white beasts dodged the incoming spears, but after doing that they were caught off guard by the spears unforeseen movements. As if they were honing in on them, the spears chased after their targets and inevitably pierce their armor through to shortly envelope them in series of blasts. The kaoticons zigzag around the incoming attacks, but had no such luck – there was no escape for them.


She produced more arrows rapidly and launched them away as they come, until several shots pass right by her from behind and into the enemy’s forces – none of them hit her.


Looking back, she spots several gray ships coming towards her with several large metal humanoids hovering towards her in a v-formation.


The ships were the L.U.E’s navy battle fleet stationed near the orbital elevator Valor for a routine military practice. But after seeing large ships coming out of nowhere and a battle ensuing, their practice was cut short.


Inside the fleet’s flagship, many of the crew members hollered in shock by their unexpected visitors and requesting of their captains for answers or clues to their worries. Their response was a swift deployment of their forces.


From every ship, large robotic knights – classified as the MSJ-06111-A Tieren, made from Russia – launched out and form into a v-formation at a course dead set on the kaoticons.


Avoiding the blue light, they treated the larger ships to be hostiles and assaulted them with every ornament they had at their disposal - from missiles to rail guns - hoping that they can stop whatever it was that are approaching them – the time of negotiations were off the table from the moment they appeared.


Their initial strike proved successful at first many of their hits made contact with the enemy, but the despite losing several of their own, the kaoticons strike back with full force by dishing out constant waves of their own energy based missiles; hence, overwhelming the entire L.U.E fleet and mobile suits in a matter of seconds.


Luckily, none of the shots hit the Valor, but some have hit the satellites orbiting around it, and the rest passed the earth’s atmosphere with just enough energy to make it throw reentry.


Seeing the small primitive fleet behind her being decimated with ease and the planet under siege, Aurora fired several more arrows to sow the enemy’s advance. In the process she took out two ships in and obliterated hundreds of more kaoticons into bits and pieces.


For all her efforts though, after seeing her last arrow flying out and disperse into thousands of others, a large purple beam of light swept across her view and destroyed them all at once. The origin of the blast came from the mother ship, and Aurora’s fears return when she sensed the same large presence from before heading straight at her with a killer intent that made her sick to her stomach.


She resumed sending her Hasto Ignis flying once more, and this time all of the spears honed on the massive presence.


They all gathered at one point and for a moment it seemed as though a star was forming but the next moment showed the kaoticon breaking out in a powerful charge – shattering her technique without a single scratch.


Leading the assault personally was Argon, who had decided to leave his ship in order to encounter the lone aureaian head on from the fact that he had to watch his fleet being stopped by her for far too long.


Although she was just but a girl and being weaker than he was, she had a high enough energy to make his power grow even higher if he ate her.


And after receiving her pathetic attempt of an attack as if they were toothpicks, he had little to worry about.




His massive power signaled all the white beasts to follow him, from there he demonically grinned as he speeds towards Aurora in a death battle.


“The aureaian and the dragon…are MINE!”



Velium City, highway to MN high…..


The buses were on their way back to MN High after a long morning of a mediocrely entertaining tour of the museum, and now the students were anxious to get back home so they could whatever they wanted to. But Saji and Louise were more preoccupied with the thought of their red friend’s whereabouts - they haven’t seen him since he left for the bathroom.


Sitting next to one another and seeing the school coming into view, Louise expressed her concerns with Saji. “Are you sure Erb is here; I swear I didn’t see him get on with us?”


Saji shared her worries, and sat up to peer around the bus for Erb so he could ease her mind; but he found no luck.


“I’ll try calling him.”  Saji said. “Maybe he’s in another bus, who knows.”


As soon as he turned his phone on though, the cellular signal died. “Yeah, I’m starting to get the feeling that he didn’t get on any bus.” Saji concluded.


“We should tell the teacher!” Louise suggested. “Make them turn back around.”


“I will.” The boy did so by calling out to the newly appointed teacher of their class, a female red lamia, who simply turned from the mere mentioning of her name. “Miss Himeu? MISS HIMEU!?”


Having the upper body of a human female, but a lower body resembling a snake, Himeu spotted Saji and requested of his urgency in a timid but cheerful manner.


“Yes Saji, what is it?”


Holding onto the bus railing above him, Saji spoke out. “Um miss, I don’t want to worry you; but I think we left Erb behi….”


Thundering crashes suddenly deafen everyone’s ears and drowned out Saji’s last words. At the same time something powerful struck their bus from behind which almost made driver loss control for a short time out of shock and fright.


Bringing themselves into a complete halt, with little traffic around them, everyone immediately vacated their vehicles and stood on the road to witness a large smoldering crater that was the size of an entire football field, several hundred feet away from them.


No one knew where the lights came from at first but the second they looked down the crater they hope to never know.  The sight of melted cars and burnt corpses caused many of the students to shriek in terror and the rest to puke their sanity out. But their attention then diverge upward, after 3 more similar bolts struck the lower city area, along with tremors that felt the city was about to break.


All of the students were now screaming and running away from the scene with the teacher’s who were desperately trying to lead them back into the bus for fear of the unknown.


In the city, the cries of agonizing citizens and the rumbling of crumbling buildings were all that remain of the former bustling streets of the Velium. Many of the people who were fortunate enough to have survived the sudden bombardments were left dazed and disorientated, too scared out of their minds to even think about what happened or what to do about it.


The sudden screams of people woke the red demi human up in a panic in the same manner as he did in the morning. But this time, instead of waking up in his room he was surrounded to be the insides of the national museum, but now in ruin and rubble.


The last thing he remembered was coming out of the men’s restroom to later bump into Sylvia again when she too just came out of the women’s restroom, and after that, the two of them slowly walked through the museum to pass the time until her butler arrived.


During that time Sylvia began throwing odd questions towards Erb like how was school and life, and what he was doing. She was about to ask him something else but out of the blue, the entire ceiling broke apart when an earthquake came by accompanied with the sound of explosions.


To his luck, he only suffered a concussion to the back of his head, but then horrifically yelped out when he couldn’t find his friend.


“Sylvia!” Swiftly, he surveyed for her and to his joy, she was lying on the ground several feet away from him. He soon recalled that, just before the ceiling came down on them, he pushed her aside for safety, but received a blow to the head as a result.


Gasping in fright, he ran to her side to find her mostly intact and breathing, but her left leg was pinned down by a stone pillar that fell beside her.


“Oh no.” Erb worried that her leg might have been broken, but thankfully, he saw no blood neither on herself nor on her leg- the pillar fell just at the right angle to just pin her leg down, not hurt her.


Despite that, he still had to do something. “Dammit, guess I got no choice…”


Setting himself by the edge of the broken stone, Erb went on ahead to lift the stone pillar off of her with some difficultly.


One other strange gift Erb had except for his speed was his abnormal strength and durability; though he weighed around 150 pounds and his physique was that of an average human teenager, he can lift things 4 time his own weight almost normally – he never knew how much he could bench if he tried.


Hearing the sound of small rocks tumbling aside and a light pain growing on her left leg, Sylvia gradually sheds her eye lids open to see a partially cloudy sky through what she believed to be a broken ceiling and tilted her view down to find Erb somehow lifting a stone pillar off of her.


“He’s….strong!” Letting her mouth slightly loose, she couldn’t help but think in awe by how strong he was – the pillar must have weighed a half a ton.


Erb brings the pillar up to his chest and quickly pushes it away from Sylvia, making a loud crashing sound and a pile of dust to fly up to his face.


Free and mobile, Sylvia coughed but graciously thanked her savior. “Wow Erb….thank you!”


“Oh your awake?” He hadn’t noticed she was awake, so hearing her remarks caught him a bit taken back. Nevertheless, he goes on acting normal and lends his hand once more. “It was no problem…does your leg hurt; can you stand?”


Once again, Erb offered her a hand to get up and saw her applying pressure on her left leg for any injuries. Sylvia didn’t feel anything was broken and conveys her physical checkup. “My leg feels fine. I can stand on my own…” But she then giggled with a smile aimed at Erb. “….so you can let go now.”


Without even realizing, Erb was tucking her hand a bit too tightly, and yelped out in shock. “SORRY, I didn’t mean to…hold you that tightly.”


“It’s no problem.” She happily replied; wiping off any dirt in her hair with a quick brush.


But their blissful moment ceased when the sound of a tiny rock hit the ground, snapping them back to their nightmarish reality.


“What happened in here?” She gasped. “Did anyone else survive!?”


“No clue.” Erb took a quick gander by the lack of moans and screams in the area. “Let’s just head outside…I don’t feel safe talking under a broken…” He peered up where the roof used to be but only a big hole was present. “…ceiling.”


The both of them carefully exit out of the rubble, and after hiking over piles of broken cement, they found themselves standing at the staircase of what they believed to be a war torn city that looked as though it was bombarded by missiles.


But as though they seemed to be the only ones alive, they made many injured citizens limping around in the shadows of the buildings; however they were also wondering the same thing – what exactly happened?


“This is awful, who could do this?” Sylvia murmured. “Did another country attack us?”


“I don’t think it’s a country that did this.” Erb said, point upward. “Look up there!”


Sylvia did as he said and along with almost everyone, their sights peeled wide and clear as they could observe the space above the clouds to contain several flashes of different lights and, for those who had very good vision, several purple objects hovering far above.


Flabbergasted by the spectacle, Erb took a step back and his sights began quivering into blurs. “The heck is going on here…are those ships..!?”


Before he could get an answer, Sylvia then shoves him aside along with herself. “GET DOWN!”


Smaller blasts then rained down upon the terrorifed citizen, destroying many of the already ruined city areas into dust, and forcing everyone to run for their lives; but most of them were too late.


Buildings came down, cars blew up, streets became craters - nowhere in the city was safe.


Ducking cover to cover, dodging the menacing beams by a hair’s breathe, the two of them finally stopped inside an open shop, hiding behind a counter with their ears plugged and their eyes shut.


Within the next minutes, they were remained alive, but nothing was left in the streets but crushed or burnt bodies with missing limbs, and scorch marks.


Slowly stepping outside, Erb brought his gaze back up with the same light flashing but with a clearer view – only a few remaining buildings were left standing in the entire vicinity.


But as soon as he looked down, the sight of the people almost caused him to puck and scream out with the intention of letting all of his unwanted feelings out in the open. But despite his nausea, he nonetheless held it in to keep himself together- for both his and Sylvia’s sake.


Still feeling sick, he waved his hand to motion Sylvia forward. “It’s safe, but you better close your eyes.”


Sylvia did half of what he said; she quietly exits the store to only let out a quick screech out of shock from the dead bodies littered everywhere – it was like she was teleported into a future full of death.


“I can’t believe this is happening…..this can’t be.” Bringing herself down to her knees, she sobbed with a muffled mouth. “All of these people were…were just alive a second ago…”


Perplexed by what he should do in a time like this, he instead thinks of what he wanted to do; and that would be getting out of this hell alive. However, in this case, he looks up to see the store’s sign, and planned on driving out of the city.


“Sylvia wait here!”


Hastily leaving her to go back inside, Erb rummaged through the wreckage to find both a bike and the right keys.


Sylvia’s attention shifted to him. “Erb, what are you doing in there?”


She clearly comprehended his solution as soon as she heard a motorcycle coming to life, and watched him drive out of the store with his hands on an American chopper.


“Get on.” Sitting comfortably on the bike, Erb motions her. “We have to get out of here now! I’m not waiting around for those lights to hit this spot again!”


Without a second thought, she ran to his side in hast. From there, she sat behind him and tucked her arms around his waist; though a question crossed her mind. “Do you know how to drive this?”


“Can I drive this…?” Reeving his ride loudly, he returns with an unnatural grin. “I have a license for this.”


But his inability to lie came back, forcing him. “….Well actually I have a scooter’s license. But it counts! Hang on tight!”


Accelerating off to anywhere but here, Erb and Sylvia drove through Velium City with nothing hindering their path, except the sight of even more destruction portrayed by burning buildings and screaming erbanians covered in blood and dirt.


Not only that, but seeing Sylvia tormented expression during the ride made it hard for the red boy to cope with his own torment- if there was one thing he was worried about the most, that would be the safety of his family and his friends.


“What the hell is going on? Just what the hell is happening!? I wish someone could answer me already.”


He asked himself that same question over and over again in order to suppress his own fears and keep his mind occupied, because if they plan on getting out of the city as fast as they can with their lives intact, then he needs to keep himself sane at all times.



This is the 4th episode of CrimZon. Hope You enjoyed it and leave a comment if you want.


Non-OC characters:

    1)      MSJ-06111-A Tieren – Gundam 00


OC Characters:

    1)      Himeu

CrimZon: Season 1

Episode 3 – Death from Above Pt.1



Velium City, Museum….


Back in 1950, the world was under peril from what the people have called, Cold war, where the two largest super powers at the time, the United States and the Soviet Union, almost brought the world to its first – and most likely last - full-on nuclear war if either side wanted to.


In one such occasion, in 1957, a naval cease fire between the two nations over the Atlantic Ocean would have sparked the beginning of that scenario. But something extraordinary occurred on that day changed earth’s people in more ways than one - an act that could only described as though god made it so; that they were no longer alone.


Completely materialized out of thin air, an entire continent suddenly appeared over the Atlantic ocean and took up a third of it. The first to ever step foot on the new land were the soldiers onboard the warships who were once ready to kill each other not too long ago. And what they found was literally out of a fairy tale.


Elves, orcs, lamias, centaurs, birdmen, and many other mythical creatures were found all over the new continent, but resided in large cities that were similar to that of modern human civilization. There were also humans living among them as well, and to the people of earth’s astonishment, they were all content with each other – no segregation, no discrimination. In the native tongue, they called their continent, Erban, and themselves, Erbanians – demi humans.


One of the several shocking facts that came up to them upon the soldier’s discovery was that, despite their government system to be a constitutional monarchy, their technology was ahead of Earth’s by several decades, making the Erbanians to be the most technologically advance society known on the planet; but not only that, the erbanians ere versed in magic – something the humans of earth never believed in until now.


At first, every human in the modern age were skeptic and even a bit frightened by the Erbanians potential power; they believe they came to their world to invade them; even the U.S and U.S.S.R formed a temporary alliance to combat against the supposedly hostile threat.


But after careful delegation and understanding the fact that even the people of Erban didn’t know how they arrived here, on August 28, 1959, Dwight d. Eisenhower, Nikita Khrushchev, the High King of Erban, Lucas the fourth, and every other leader in every country and nation, formed the largest and most prosperous unification that even made the United Nations at the time look like some high school reunion party.


That day was called Unification day, and was the birth of the League of United Earth, the L.U.E; the largest democratic government in history, with the head of U.S, Russia, and Erban acting as chairman’s. Since then, the entirety of Erban and even the entire world, prospered in like never before.


All of this information can be found however, in the Velium National Museum, located in Velium City, where our hero and his friends were currently taking a tour of.


“……this… seriously….bor-----ing!”


Staring aimlessly at the world renowned Mona Lisa, Erb boorishly muttered ‘boring’  in one long breathe, until he had to let out a yawn – paintings don’t interest him one bit.


“If I knew I would be looking at old women through paints…then I would have stayed home and go on the internet….” He thought, though one second later he felt a little ashamed by it. “Good thing I didn’t say that out loud.”


Saji – standing beside him - marveled the painting with the upmost apperication. Erb could tell from the glitter in his eyes.


“Wow, how lucky are we to see the real thing! The Mona Lisa!” Saji took a photo of the painting with his camera phone. “And today is the last day the museum keeps the Mona Lisa until it goes to Europe…”


Not interested, Erb stared at the painting to find what was so significant about it. “Let them keep it up there. It’s not like this city is gonna miss it.”


“But they do keep it there- in Europe I mean.” Louise then entered with her own remark.


Erb puts up a sour face, letting Louise know that he already knew that.


“Alright, everyone gather around!”


Erb and the others overheard their one of the teacher calling them together, and started walking back to the where the rest were.


In the lobby of the Velium National Museum, they soon heard their head teacher of the trip – a history teacher no less – gather them all to announce the rules for free roaming after their dull though enlightening tour around the museum had ended.


Standing 7 feet tall, a muscular man in a suit, but with a head of a leopard, announced their ‘rules of engagement’ in an authoritative tone.


“Everyone settle down.” The leopard man coughed to clear his throat. “Since we’re done with the group tour and have an ample amount of time left till our bus’s return, the other faculty members and I will allow all of you to freely roam through the museum.”


All of the students jittered excitingly for the chance but were instantly alarmed their teacher’s next warning. “Now, I know you are all mature enough to understand that any action you take here will reflect the image of our school; but as a reminder, if any of the faculty members finds or hears anyone complaining about our students behaving negatively – for example….”


His tone changed into more of a threat as he proclaimed onward. “Picking fights….littering on museum property….and NOT following the rules in general; then those students will be suspended for a month….no matter how small the issue is.” He added as a last note.


His cold feline stare alone was enough to bring everyone to think of the same response without any fuss– even the adults.


But Erb, out everyone, had to ask a question with his hands raised up. “What about eating mister Guin?”


Like an owl, the leopard man shifts his gaze to the red demi human, who in return swallowed his question – figuratively speaking.


“Eating is fine. You can buy the food here if you have money; but like I said, if anyone is caught littering in museum property, then you of all people, Mister Kinomoto, should know what will happen. Remember the spitball incident?”


The red boy instantly recalled the moment where he had to stand outside the room with his arms stuck out with buckets full of water in each hand after shooting a spit ball at someone in class – not saying who it was, but whoever it was did not like it one bit.


Hearing him non-responsive, but complying with nods after nods, Mister Guins continued. “Anymore questions now?”


Erb and everyone else simply, but cautiously shook their heads silently, for fear of receiving the rumored treatments they have heard about his time in the military as a captain of the special forces unit to come and spring at them.


Luckily, they sighed from his silence, but his large threatening back faced them was still intimating enough to make them hold their breathes.


No one knows why he became a teacher after quitting the military, but without a doubt everyone can see that he enjoys his current occupation. Despite his harsh rules and behavior, he treated everyone fairly and equally – there wasn’t a single delinquent he couldn’t fix and not a single teacher he was not afraid of.


As soon as Mister Guin and the other teachers allowed the students to roam about, Erb, Saji and Louise quickly broke away and headed over to the dinosaur exhibit.


Walking with his head low, Erb drearily laughed off Guin’s lecture. “…god I hate that guy sometimes.”


“He’s not so bad.”  Saji said. “Although, I don’t remember having to be this worried in the museum before.”


“Well you two should be worried if you’re planning on disobeying Mister Guin’s rules.” Louise - putting up her cheery smile - walked past them, but directed a look at Erb. “As long as no one here does anything stupid, then we’ll be fine.”


“Why are you looking at me for?…..and define stupid….?” Erb hissed; taking note of her suggestions.


But she bluntly returns in kind. “By ‘stupid’ I mean ‘Erb stupid’!” She stuck her tongue out childishly.


Her comment made Erb pop a nerve and his eyebrows almost connect one another as his face frowned from her upfront answer. “…Did I ever tell you….about how much I really hate?”


Saji just flat-out laughs at his red friend’s monotone reaction, whereas the red boy bluntly hissed at the both of them with his tongue slithering like a snake’s would.


Entertained by the dinosaur models of both Earth’s and Erban’s, and making fun of Erb’s reptilian ancestry, the three of them enjoyed their grand display in glee.


Using their camera phones, they each took photos of one another, starting with Louise portraying herself next to a life size version of a stegosaurus, then Saji with a skeleton of a triceratops, and finally ending with Erb standing alongside a wax model of an infant Tyrannosaurus Rex – he pouted in the photo.


Later on, they all had lunch at the cafeteria, provided by the museum, but soon after they resumed their walk through history.


Passing most of the 20th century, Erb and his friends finally strolled into the space exhibit where they examined a large, yet smaller model of the earth with all four orbital elevators aligned over its equator. Afterwards they went on to view model size versions of early space ships, mobile suits, and other vehicular models over the past decades, and a fully detailed sculpture of the first and only city on the moon, Luna city.


Nearing the end of their trip, all of the students returned back to the lobby so that they can leave and go back home as soon as possible – the museum was no longer amusing to stay in. Erb however, left Saji and Louise just before then, to tend with a personal matter - a private matter.


“This…sucks….” Sitting on a toilet with a horrible stomachache, Erb agonizingly tried to finish his business as quickly as possible.


The reason for his dilemma was a certain foreign hotdog he bought and ate during lunch – a specialty made by orcs - which might have given him food poisoning, if he had ate the whole thing before tasting something weird in it first.


For an unknown amount of time, he finally exited out of the bathroom with a flushed look, and felt a bit winded from his ordeal.


“Today is just not my day.” He cursed, aiming his fist at the air wearily. “Damn that hotdog!” He imagined the same hotdog only with wings and a halo on top to be flying away, tauntingly.


Walking slowly to where his classmates should be, Erb discovered that they were not there, causing him to fiddle in his mind as to where they could be.


“….Am I at the right place?” He murmured, shifting his eyes around but was left dumbstruck. “….oh don’t tell me…”


Afraid of the possibility, he took out his cell and saw the time to be half past 3 - 30 minutes after the intended departure time.


Galloping out of the museum, he could not find anyone from his school anywhere – he was now alone.


“………SONOFA…..RAH! How could this happen!?”


Answer; the bus he rode had 31 students to start with, but the number of those who were accounted for in today’s attendance was 30. The fault on this matter would be Erb’s teacher, who misread the attendance; and so after everyone came back, the teacher did a head count with the number 30 in mind and in the end, there were 30.


Basically, everyone left him, believing that he was still on the bus – but he was not; he’s still in the museum, panicking like a hen losing its egg.


Back inside the lobby, pacing back and forth in a worrisome manner, he mumbled anxiously. “Thiscan’tbehappening, thiscan’tbehappening, thiscan’tbehappning….how can this be happening!? I’ve only been in the bathroom for like…….35 minutes!”


He stops himself and then retorts randomly. “Wait, now that I think about it that does seem a pretty long time to take a dump.”


Again, he goes on back and paced around, and switched back to his initial behavior- panic. “BUT THAT’S BESIDE THE POINT, what should I do….?”


Stopping himself abruptly, he then brought his phone out again, and tried calling Saji; but the sound he could hear was an error tone which made him pull his phone away from his ear. “The frak!” he cursed.


He look again to check his cell signal and discovered it was dead and his battery almost out – more issues to contend with.


“Great...just great, no signal and my phone is about to die….” Looking like a lunatic by the public’s view, Erb continued on with great distress. “What else can go wrong……ah shit!”


His stomach acted up again. “After I’m done here, I’ll just head back to the reception desk and make them call back the bus…luckily someone will notice me missing by then – preferably someone I know and who cares about me…..”


Rushing around the corner without even looking at where he was going, the red boy suddenly bumped his head and heard a girl yelping out briefly. However to his astonishment, when he opened his eyes so that he can aim his frustration, he fell silent from his unexpected meet with, her.


After falling back, and rubbing her bruised forehead, Sylvia sat painfully on the cold floor, with her skirt barely exposing her thighs. “Owwww, that hurt.” She moaned, “Hey watch where you’re…oh!”


She halted her sentence after meeting eyes with Erb’s, who was also glaring back in shock.


Observing her pink hair flow down her body, her innocent eyes peering straight at him, and even the way her body was sitting upright, was becoming a bit too much for the red lizard to cope, so after a few pauses, he finally said something to break the ice between them.


“Ah your Sylvia!”


“Um…yes I am.”


He realized what he said weren’t he wanted to say, so Erb retorted back his correct response. “Oh sorry…about that…bumping into you I mean….I should have watched my step ah ha!”


Scratching his unruly head, and believing Sylvia would scold him like Louise would, he instead heard her sweet considerate voice.


“No no no, I should have watched…” She paused to gather her thought and finished her sentence. “….where I was walking….Um, your name is Erb, right?”


“Yeah it is!” He didn’t know she knew his name too. But he didn’t have time to think that a girl was sitting on the ground while he isn’t. “Oh but ah before anything else ah…you need a hand?”


“Thank you.” She gladly took his hand and from there she lifted herself up quickly, patted her clothes, and composed her posture appropriately.


“Wait; don’t tell me…” Her being here in the museum where everyone else wasn’t crossed a guess in Erb’s mind. “You got left behind as well?”


“Left behind?” she mumbled plainly for him to respond.


“The school bus….it left us….you didn’t know?”


“Oh that, I know.”




“I asked the teachers that I will be staying behind for my butler to arrive; my mansion is closer from here so there would be no point in me going back to school to get picked up there, when I can just wait here. But I didn’t know they let someone stay behind as well.”


“…huh?” he uttered again.


Her straight forward response made his face freeze out of how convenient her life must be.


“Wait, were you really left behind?”


“…uh what…ah no no no….no I ah…..I um…” Unable to lie, he roughly let his head fall forward and blurted his response in a single swift breathe. “….YeahIwasleftbehind…”


Understanding his embarassment, but unable to comprehend how a teacher could have left a student behind, she gave him an offer.


“Well, if you want, you can ride with me? I’ll just ask my butler to drop you off first.” Then tying her hands behind her back she adds, “Is that ok?”


His face was quickly replaced with hope as his smile portrays his emotions quite clearly. “Wait, you would do that!?” he gawked, pointing his finger at his face, “for me!?”


“Of course, you’re my schoolmate.” She couldn’t help but let out a slight jitter from his random behavior. “Plus it would give us some time to get to know each other…I heard a lot about you from Louise.”


“Oh um…yeah sure; and thanks!” Erb accepted, but then pondered on what she meant. “Get to know me? Did Louise ever mention me to her?”


His natural urges rang his door bell once again, making him request of his savior something improper. “If you don’t mind waiting, I got some business with the bathroom so…!”


“Oh yes, take your time, my butler should be coming to pick-”


Before she said anything else, her red friend ran past her like a ghost. “…us up in…30 minutes… he’s fast. He must have been in a hurry. In any case, I better call Maxwell…”


Taking out her phone, she dialed away, but quickly met a dead ring tone and signal. “That’s weird….I’m getting no signal….I’ll probably have a better chance if I’m outside….ah oh!”


Nature was calling and this time it was Sylvia’s turn to head to the women’s room for the toilet. “Oh not again!”


The real reason why she left herself behind was that she also needed to go to the bathroom after eating a certain hotdog that tasted weird to her. Believing that it would take a long time to get it out of her system, she actually gave half of a lie to her teachers about her butler picking her up here later.


Although, the teachers mainly let her go from the fact that her mother was the Mayor of Velium city and her father was a state senator of Erban.


In short, the Argones family are one of the many noble families still left standing after unification day, and it was because of their past role in the military and government that they survived. And as such, they remained a strong influence in the government - every member under their name was respected individual.


Sadly, she was still a teenager and knew less than she should know concerning current events, so she still has a long way to go before becoming an important figure amongst the family. An example of her inexperience was her failure in noticing many of the people around her were experiencing the same issue regarding their cell signals.


All over the city, online access has gone down via through cellular and computer; the reason for that, concerned up above all their heads.



Orbital Elevator Valor, Earth’s low orbit…..


Up above the earth’s atmosphere, the orbital elevator Valor’s primary purpose was to use its solar panels to gather solar energy from the sun in order to power the entire continent of Erban without the use of fossil fuel.


Within the monitoring room, two college students interning as computer engineers, were carefully monitoring the power input gathering in the tower, and are the only people inside. However, one of them wasn’t enjoying the work, and began to become restless because of it.


“The orbital elevator Valor, one of the four largest structures in human existence and the biggest technological breakthrough in human history……and yet…….its sssssssoooooooooooooo…..BORING!”


Unable to stand the torture of sitting around and do nothing but monitor solar energy input, the Japanese intern flung his head back to let his black short hair flow about in the zero gravity environment – luckily he was strapped onto his seat.


“Come on Touya, you were the one who got us this internship, let’s just make the most of it.” His friend sitting behind him said his comment.


“Which clearly was a mistake.” Touya Kinomoto – Erb’s and Sakura’s older brother – answered in kind. “All we do here is just looking at screens and charts; nothing that can further my knowledge about computers. Don’t tell me you enjoy this stuff Yukito.”


“Well yeah, I do.” Yukito remarked, brushing away his light gray short hair from his eyes, “But cheer up Touya. We only have another month of this and then finals will come up; after that we can finally go home.”


“Yeah…” Touya responded sarcastically, moaning in frustration. “Just great…”


Hearing his friend’s frustrating moans, Yukito inquired onward. “Why so depressed? Don’t you miss your family?”


Glancing an eye at him, Touya sat up straight on his strapped chair. “….It’s not that I miss them, it’s just that I’ll probably be spending too much time with them – ‘alone time’ at my house is almost non-existent.”


Understanding his dreary dilemma, Yukito puts up a smile to encourage him. “Well to me, family time is happy time!”


Touya simply pulls a face in response to his unusual grin. “….You’re weird sometimes you know that?”


“And yet I’m your best friend.”


“….which eludes me up to this day.”


Afterward, silence takes over the room, and the two of them resume their duties as such, until Yukito spotted some abnormalities with the inputs.


“Hey Touya, are you getting this.” Yukito worried. “Check these readings!”


Touya followed up with both concerns and surprise. “How…is this even possible….? Where is this much energy….whoa!”


Looking up at a large observation screen in front of them, the two men examine the dark vastness of space to be slightly distorted with several flashes sparking randomly, until a number of large versions tear and spew out equal number of large objects.


From their view point, they could make out the object’s general appearance to be that of arrowheads- very large arrowheads – all pointed towards their way.


Coming out of slip space, the Kaoticon hive ships slowly decelerate themselves into normal space whereas their hitchhiker, Aurora, access her new surroundings by using the built-in scanner on her raida – the glider – to scan the space around her.


Releasing her shield, the white light surrounding her was still active, and while she awaits her result, she did her own carefully analysis of the stars to track her whereabouts; however she instantly met an obstacle.


“Where is this place? I don’t recognize any of those star constellations.”


Her eyes then caught sight of a bright blue planet coming into view over the ship’s horizon, and she was quickly captivated by its wondrous beauty.


“So….gorgeous…” Placing one hand over her mouth, she gasped by its presence and as time goes by it overwhelmed her senses. “That planet…it’s abundant of so much life…astounding!”


Upon her gaze of its blue exterior, she clearly spotted long metal structures aligning over the planet suggest that the people of that world were at the beginning stage of space exploration – her people have the same; only that there were completely made of light, not metal.


Then suddenly, her scans came back conclusive, but brought a horrifying realization. “this…this can’t be!”


Within the bridge of the mother ship, the kaoticons were hard at work on clearing up where their ships have taken them and if the planet in front of them was a fine substitution for the one they just recently lost.


Still sitting on his deformed armchair, Lord Argon was awaiting the reports concerning the number of remaining ships they had, and the condition they were in.


But his patients were running thing and the agitation over the prolonged report caused him to abruptly order his lesser brethren’s to hasten their progress. “What are the statues of my fleet!?”


One of them with a rough voice gave him his answer. “My lord, we have 30% of our initial fleet with us, but many of our ship’s propulsion systems are beyond repair after we had decelerated from slip space. Our engines are barely running as well.”


His view was now dead set on his messenger. “Then where are we?”


“I do not know my lord; the star constellations do not match our records. We are bringing up the galactic display for our general location.”


In seconds, a wide screen showed a small portion of the universe and their location to be not in the Canis Major Dwarf galaxy, but in another galaxy that was at least 25,000 light years away from where they initially were.


Another lesser kaoticon then gruffly informs his ship master. “My lord! We have just confirmed that the resulting blast from the sun’s demise…has involuntarily increased our speed during slip space; pushing us fast enough to arrive here.”


Suddenly standing up, the lesser kaoticons moved away out of fear of being killed, but instead heard his master’s command. “Bring up the image of the planet in front of us.”


A holographic projection of the Earth floated in his sights, leading him to let out a maniacal laugh that further frightened the rest.


“Marvelous…! Marvelous! This world is perfect!” Unable to contain his own excitement, Argon turned to face his brethren’s with a brief speech for them to glee in. “Finally; no longer shall the aureaians confront us on every world we lay our eyes on. From here on, we will feast in this new galaxy for as long as there is life that we can take for our own. Starting with this world!”


He turned back and points his finger thus ending his sentence.


Every beast then let out roars of delight that resonate throughout the ship to signal their anticipation on devouring the defenseless planet glowing in their faces.


“Scan the planet immediately!” Argon folds his arms back but stayed upright to hear one of his minions reporting in. “My lord, our scans indicate over 8 billion life forms…however…..”


The holographic projection of the earth changes to that of the image of its inhabitants, portraying humans; but in their eyes they look exactly like some of the aureaians they had fought.


“What!? Aureaians, how!?” Argon gasped, bearing his teeth at the image.


But his worries quickly deescalate after hearing his minion continue on. “I do not believe they are Aureaians my lord….their power levels are much weaker than even the weakest of their soldiers. The average unit in most of them is 8; a very few of them have levels above 1000 and even a smaller fraction of them are above 10,000.”


Then another of the bridge’s crew announces. “My lord, there also seems to be an additional 11 million life forms on the planet’s natural satellite…what should we do with them?”


Staring at another projection of what he believed to be a moon. “…..leave them be for now. First, we will let them watch this pitiful world burn under our feet, and then eat them.”


He swiftly tilted his sights back at the kaoticon from before. “Are there none any higher than 10,000!?”


“Uh no my liege.” But it soon corrected itself. “Wait! There is one strange reading!”


The image of the earth returns back with a red dot pinned near the planet’s equator. “The readings are faint….but the sensors indicate the single being to be…….”


Without letting the kaoticon end its sentence, Argon finished by saying a single word with the upmost grudge. “…a Dragon!”


The energy that Argon can sense before the ship could detect it was unmistakably a dragon - foes that even the kaoticons fear the most across the universe.


All kaoticons were born without ears and noses, but have an incredible ability that allow them to detect life force or power levels from a limited range – depending on their skills - which is how many of them can find planets with either high or low readings without the use of ships.


However, like machines, they can store away the information they receive after sensing a single being only once, and can unconsciously bring it back up when something recognizable comes across them – no matter the time span.


In this case, any high ranking kaoticon or very old ones can sense the presence of a dragon for one obvious reason and that is power – any dragon no matter how strong or weak, can give a kaoticon a considerable boost in power if eaten; and can forever keep it like every other meal.


The thought of gaining the powers of a dragon intrigued Argon’s mind to the point of blocking out all other distractions around him. But a rumbling noise from an explosion on the outside cut both his focus and his troop’s celebration.


After he had sensed a considerable power level attacking their ship from the outside, Argon leered over his shoulder as if he could see their attacker and snarls with an amusing grin. “It seems we had an uninvited guest aboard.”



This is the 3rd episode of CrimZon. Hope You enjoyed it and leave a comment if you want.



    1)      Guin – Guin Saga

    2)      Touya Kinomoto – Cardcapturer Sakura

    3)      Yukito


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I never really got a membership despite having this account for 6 years.

Truth be told, I only made this account so that I could favorite some of the artwork put up on this website, but since last year or so I'm now making my own works and selling them through commissions so that I may one day buy a membership.

Sadly I've become one of those starving artists who hardly have any commissions coming their way and if I ever plan on buying a membership then I need points - I'm not about to spend actual money on something I've never tested first to see if its worth it.

So if you like to, you can leave a point or two into my donation widget, and if you do, then I thank you and appreciate your kindness. And hey, maybe I'll give you a llama in return - but I probably will. If not however, then oh well, either way thanks for taking the time to read my goal.

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AnimaImaginez Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad to see you again! Remember when you donated? I gave you a llama and you sent me three pieces of your work to feature! You can request a chibi request now :D . Also, your features will be shown on Oct.13 or 14 after my contest is over (Oct.13 is when it ends). 
Unknown117 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
That's great! I like to request my OC, Aurora. here's a reference sheet on her.

You can choose whichever outfit to draw her in, whether its the ones on the sheet or of your own choice.
AnimaImaginez Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Here's your request!
AnimaImaginez Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah thank you! I'll get working on it :)
MelanAnime Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
My contest just BEGAN!!!~ :la:
I just started my first contest with many prizes! All the informations are here: "Draw my OCs"

Purple Butterfly Divider by CherushiMetsumari
Let the contest begin!!!~ :DHello people from planet Earth Earth or from wherever the heck you're from!! Finally I decide to host a contest with many prizes for the lucky ones.w00t!
The theme is way too easy to guess:
Spotlight Spotlight Draw my Original CharactersSpotlight Spotlight

Point Right  Deadline: November 30 (it may get extended to December 30) Point Left
Before I start with the rules and You talk too much! You talk too much! let's take a look to what will make you, guys and gals, enter my contest: the prizes!

Purple Butterfly Divider by CherushiMetsumari

Feel free to take a look if you want and it would be wonderful if you are interested to participate and/or offer a prize (prizes can be anything: points -even if it's just only 1 :lol:, any kind of art, llama, watch, fave, feature etc.) or just advertise my contest, helping me to spread it to the world! :hooray:
Thanks for your time :hug:
yilin123456732 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
haha thxs for the llama. btw, love your name! :Unknown: haha xD
Unknown117 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Strangely enough I couldn't find a name to use as my deviantart ID, so I just used unknown instead since its simple. Thanks anyway though! :D (Big Grin) 
yilin123456732 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
ah that's why! but i don't think anyone would come up with that kind of username haha xD good job!
AnimaImaginez Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Here is the link to the journal…
AnimaImaginez Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the donation! Do you know you can't get three prizes? You already have one (llama). Check my Donate For 3 Prizes journal!
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